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Leader of DMLEK's Executive member of Eritrean National Congress for Democratic Change Mr. Kornelios Adolay Osman كورنيليوس عثمان عضو تنفيذية للمجلس الوطني الإرتري للتغييرالديمقراطي

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Written by: Eritrean

Was Amanuel Hidrat in the conference? Did he listen to what Kernelios said?
Compare Kernelios's thereatening statement (video) in the confernece and to what this guy wrote about the secessionist organizations..

"..Interestingly enough, I found their demand is limited to “political and administrative rule” with the fiscal governmental budget comes from the center. In other words they are advocating for decentralized governance that allows them to have regional autonomy. I further asked them on how power should be devolved in their view? Generally, they don’t have issue on the old administrative-units (provinces). Therefore they agreed that the political-administrative power could be devolved from the center to the periphery taking the provinces as units of administrative-rule. Such administrative rule will allow them to freely worship their own religion and observe their own cultural traditions on the one hand and elect their own local leaders as part of their political exercise on the other. Hence, Eritrean provinces will be an integral layer of the nation’s governmental system – “provinces as level of government” and are defined by their geographical boundaries and particular power of administrative-rule. The central government will have exclusive jurisdiction in areas of public policy that includes foreign affairs, national defense, criminal and civil law, health, social service, trade and communications.

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