Hussein Mohammed Ali Sensational Music CD


Written by: Eritrean 10-10-2010

Hussein Mohammed Ali’s latest CD labelled ‘TIM’ is a very timely musical masterpiece for it reflects the situation described above in a wonderful melody and fitting poetic lyrics that has gripped the Eritrean Diaspora.

Hussein speaks truth to power by way of his musical talent plane and simple. He urges Eritreans to unite for the common cause, snap out of political indifference; break the culture of silence, and to speak out against tyranny.

This has generated a very high demand for Ali’s CD not only for the message the music sends but also because Eritreans would like to reward Hussein Mohammed Ali for his artistic presentation of the grim situation in our homeland Eritrea and as a token to encourage him to keep up the good work.

In an effort to contribute our part in promoting this wonderful music CD, we at Eritrea Daily have offered and have been accepted by Ali’s managers to post the information necessary to acquire the CD.

To order Hussein Mohammed Ali’s CD:

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Phone:  +4479 347 845

Rest assured that your order will be handled promptly and professionally.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

You will never regret acquiring this Millenium CD!

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